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We are operating under the agreed protocols described under “Guidance documents for the Safe Operations of Cinemas during COVID-19”. All patrons over the age of 18 attending cinema must be fully vaccinated and provide a covid certificate with photo ID or have recovered from COVID-19 within the previous 6 months. Minors aged between 12-17 must show proof of immunity if they are unaccompanied. If accompanied by an adult, the accompanying adult must be able to provide proof of immunity and photo ID

The Covid-19 proof of immunity check and accompanying ID check point must be a defined, managed,
and supervised entrance point with an appropriate queue management system within the cinema (at
entrance to premises or as near to the entrance as possible) or at point of entry to the auditoria
areas, this entrance point must be controlled by suitably competent staff who have been adequately
instructed in the process.
The checking process may include
• Presentation to staff at the controlled entrance of each ticketholders Proof of Immunity
• Scanning and confirming validity of the vaccination or recovered status of each customer
using the EU Digital Covid Certificate Checker or other validation of Proof of Immunity
prescribed in regulations.
• A requirement to cross-check the name on the documentation with Photo ID*
*Acceptable forms of I.D include:
o a driving licence
o a passport
o student identity from a school, recognised university, higher education institution or
other education and training facility or from an equivalent school, university,
institution, or facility outside the State
o an age card issued by the Garda Síochána
o Irish residence permit issued by the Department of Justice
o a national identity card issued by a state other than the State, or
o any other official document which shall include in it a photograph of the person
issued by or on behalf of the State or a state other than the State.
The cinema must ensure every ticketholder 18 or over has the relevant proof of immunity to prove
they are fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. If they believe a customer, who claims to be a
minor, is 18 or over, they should ask for proof of age. Under 18s without proof of immunity must be
accompanied by a parent/guardian who have Proof of Immunity.
Operators may refuse access where people cannot offer proof of immunity or recovery or cannot
demonstrate that their certificate relates to them. If operators do not operate on this basis, they may
be liable for fines or closure.
Minors between the ages of 12 and 18 have to show proof of immunity if they are unaccompanied. If
accompanied by an adult, the accompanying adult must be able to provide proof of immunity photo
ID to prove that the COVID-19 Pass relates to them

As part of our commitment to the continued well-being of our visitors, team members, and in ongoing efforts to assist our community in preventing the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented enhanced protocols and procedures you will notice before and during your visit.
Online booking is recommended for all guests, to ensure safe and comfortable capacity and limited contact admissions

  • Please use contactless card payments, if possible.
  • We will endeavour to keep queues as short as possible.
  • We are promoting a one-way experience that reinforces social distancing guidelines.
  • We are frequently cleaning and disinfecting throughout the building.
  • Additional hand sanitiser dispensers are placed at key points throughout the site.
  • Additional signage to promote hand-washing and best hygiene practices has been posted throughout the building.
  • Additional training and PPE have been provided for all employees.
  • Our staff are here to assist you with a safe journey through the venue

What can you do to help us promote a healthy environment?
We are doing all we can to promote a healthy environment, and in doing so, we also rely on you to keep recommended self-care in mind for your safety and the safety of others. Throughout your experience, please be mindful of current Government and HSE guidelines as well as public health recommendations:

  • If you or a member of your party has a temperature or is feeling unwell, please visit us another time. We will refund your order up to two working days before the event date.
  • Wash your hands often, using soap and water, for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Help us promote social distancing by remaining at least two meters away from others who are not part of your party and do not shake hands or hug.
  • Please keep your party together (especially if there are children in your group) to help maintain social distancing with other audience members.
  • If you must cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow, not into your hand or into the air.

Access on the Day

  • Clearly marked socially distant queuing to access the venue.
  • Signage – clear and consistent.
  • Hand sanitisers on entry and throughout the venue.
  • One way systems.
  • Venue staff will assist from distance to help you to your seat(s).
  • Exiting the auditorium and building will also require social distancing and staff will be on hand to assist.
  • Bathrooms and protocol around access and a separate queuing system.


Do I have to pre-book tickets ?
Although we advise that customers should pre-book tickets before arriving at the cinema we understand that this may not be possible for all customers. For this reason, it is still possible to purchase tickets and food when you arrive at the cinema

Will there be extra cleaning in place?

Yes on top of our regular cleaning procedures we have increased the frequency of how often this cleaning occurs. We have also implemented some new cleaning procedures to ensure that all areas of our cinemas are thoroughly cleaned throughout the day. All surfaces, handrails, restrooms and screens will be repeatedly cleaned throughout the day. The seats and cup holders in the screens will be cleaned after every show and again by our cleaning team before we open each day.

Will there be social distancing in the cinema?

Yes, there will be social distancing throughout the cinema and in the individual screens.  All of our cinemas are clearly marked with social distancing signs to instruct you as to where to stand and also which direction to move through the cinema.

I woke up today and feel a little unwell, is it still safe for me to go to the cinema?
We ask that anyone who may feel unwell or is beginning to show early symptoms does not show up to the cinema.  You can contact us directly by phone or email and we can arrange to refund or swap your tickets

What food and beverage options are available?

We have an exciting variety to choose from including coffee, wine & bubbles served in the Regal Wine Bar & Cafe, to local artisan ice cream and popcorn. Please note do not sell hot food in the wine bar. Food and drink can be enjoyed in the theatre while you’re watching your film, or upstairs in the luxurious surrounds of the Regal Wine Bar and Cafe. If you’re lucky enough to look under 21 then we would advise you to bring valid identification with you if you wish to purchase alcohol.

When do the Regal Cinema’s doors and box office open?

At least 30 minutes before the first scheduled performance. Check our website for daily opening times. Our box office

Can I change or cancel my booking?

We are happy to assist wherever possible and the performance allows. Please speak to a one of the team members on arrival at the cinema. Unfortunately, tickets sold online cannot be cancelled. Regal Cinema is not responsible for a customer selecting the wrong ticket type, date or time, or if the ticket holder is under age for a specific performance.

I’ve lost something in the cinema, what do I do?

Please call the cinema on 024 91624 or email our operations manager Killian on [email protected] with a full description of the item lost and the performance attended.

I’ve encountered a problem with my online booking. What do I do?

Please contact the cinema via telephone within the business opening hours.

How do I collect my online tickets?

Collect directly from the concession desk at the cinema prior to the performance.

What is your mobile phone policy?

For maximum enjoyment, we ask that all mobile phones be switched off when entering the auditorium. Refusal or neglect of this rule will result in ejection from the performance.

What are your food policies?

Only food and beverage purchased within the cinema can be consumed. No hot food is allowed in the cinema for comfort & safety purposes.

Is smoking allowed?

All forms of smoking including E-Cigarettes are strictly prohibited.

How long are the trailers?

Trailers and advertisement length vary according the feature and time of performance.

Do you have autism friendly screenings?

We will. Please check our website for designated performances, or email in advance with your interest.

Can I visit the wine bar & cafe and not attend a film screening? 

Yes, and we would be delighted to welcome you. The Regal Wine Bar and Cafe serves a selection of wine and snacks daily. You can drop in, or book ahead by emailing [email protected] or calling 024 91624 to secure a table.  

Are children allowed in the Regal Wine Bar & Cafe?

Children accompanied by adults are welcome before 7pm. Over 18’s only admitted after 7pm. Alcohol will be served to guests with appropriate ID only. Management reserve the right to check ID at anytime.

Do you have a video recording policy?

Video recording of any type and by any kind of electronic device is strictly prohibited. We encourage our patrons to report any suspicious activity.

Is there a “Kids Club”?

Yes. Thank you for your patience whilst we establish the best programme possible.

How much are tickets?

Please see our website homepage here for accurate pricing. Prices may vary for special events.

Can I book over the phone?

Unfortunately due Data Protection laws we cannot process payments over the phone. Purchases can only be made in person at the cinema or on our website. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

How much are family tickets?

Yes. We offer discounted tickets for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children). Children are deemed children under the age of 15. Those aged 15 and over are classified as adults. Ticket prices are available here.

I’m 15, why do I have to pay an adult price? 

Customers who are aged fifteen and over are classified as adults for the purposes of the mandatory conditions on the exhibition of films relating to the protection of children from harm as contained in the Licensing Act 2003.

Do you do a Student / Teen / OAP discounted ticket?

Yes. Please see the cinema website homepage here for discounted ticket pricing.

What forms of ID are accepted for cinema entry?

Government issued photo ID such as Passport / current driving licence / National age card / 3rd Level Student cards / Etc. I.D. may be required for 12A, 15A, and especially 16 & 18 certificate films. If there is a dispute, the cinema managerial decision is final.

Why do I have to choose my seat in advance?

Allocated seating is in the best interest of the customer, to ensure that they receive their preferred seating and all seats are utilised.

How can I provide feedback?

We truly aim to learn from our guests experience. There will always be a Senior Manager on the premises who is available to listen. Alternatively, please email the cinema manger Killian or Beth on [email protected] or [email protected]

Do you have a loyalty club or membership scheme?

We don’t have a definitive loyalty scheme set up just yet but we look forward to introducing a scheme a little further down the line.

Do you accept credit cards?

Major credit and debit cards are accepted online, at the box office and in the Regal Wine Bar and Cafe.

Can I cancel or change my booking? 

Regal Cinema is not responsible for a customer selecting the wrong ticket type, date or time, or if the ticket holder is under age for a specific performance. Please note that it isnot possible to change tickets for a screening that has already taken place, as these tickets are classified as expired. All alterations must be made online or in person prior to the performance commencement.

Where are you located?

15, Friar Street, Youghal., which is the south end of town. You an find us here.

Is there parking?

Unfortunately no. There is no dedicated cinema parking but there is  good on street parking, particularly down on the Quay side. Please be aware that it is a one way system around the cinema.

Is there an ATM nearby?

There is an AIB & BOI located on Youghal main street, approximately six minutes walk from the cinema.

Is the Regal Cinema available for private hire?

Yes. To enquire about hiring one of our screening rooms please contact Killian on [email protected]. All types of parties and group sizes catered for.

Can I bring my baby into the screening?

Babies will only be admitted into films with a G, PG or 12A certificate. If the baby becomes distressed we ask that you respect other patrons enjoyment and leave the theatre, until the baby has settled. There is no charge for a baby in your arms but a baby who takes a seat will be charged a childs admission. Please double check our website for specific Mother/Baby presentations.

Can I bring in bulky items? 

All luggage and bags will be considered on a one to one basis. Management reserve the right to store oversized bags until after a performance. Management also reserve the right to check any bag at anytime if they suspect the bag may contain harmful contents.

Is your website secure?

Absolutely. We use the Jack Roe Web Booking engine which utilises 512-bit encrypted SSL (secure socket layer) technology, standard for all online credit card transactions. Various physical and electronic security measures are in place to ensure that your personal information is protected, in line with current GDPR regulations.

Is my personal information private and secure? 

Yes, we’re very respectful here at The Regal Cinema about the privacy concerns of all of our customers. All the personal information given when registering/booking with us is kept on our secure servers and is never supplied or sold to any third party. However, we do sometimes need to use e-mail addresses/mobile phone numbers etc. in the event that we are required to do so, e.g. Credit Card Fraud or Garda Investigations.

Please Note… 

Those acting in an unruly fashion before entering the movie theatre may be asked to leave or refused entry.
Persons who are guilty of disturbance to other guests during a performance will be asked to leave without a refund.
Persons asked to leave the cinema due to unruly / abusive behaviour are not the responsibility of the cinema.
If the person has been asked to leave the cinema on a previous occasion due to unruly behaviour, future entry is not guaranteed and at the Manager’s discretion.