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Events at the Regal

The Regal offers a varied programme of live and pre-recorded theatrical and musical events from across the world, and host special screenings of your favourite old movies and have loads of ideas in store. Keep up-to-date on future events and screenings here and on our Facebook and Instagram.


Published on 20th May 2019 under Blog Topic - Screenings,
  Regal Cinema presents: Ridley Scott’s chilling cinematic masterpiece. Celebrating 40 terrifying years. As exquisite as the day H.R.Giger designed it. “In Youghal no one can hear you scream” BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE  

REGAL FILM CLUB – Sink or Swim

Published on 10th April 2019 under Blog Topic - Screenings,
  Join us for a night of laughter with Sink or Swim. A group of 40-something guys, all on the verge of a mid-life crisis, decide to form their local pool’s first ever synchronized swimming team – for men. Showing: Monday 29th April – 8.30pm. BOOK YOUR TICKET HERE  

Andre Rieu Summer Concert ‘Shall We Dance’

Published on 1st April 2019 under Blog Topic - Event, Screenings,
  You can waltz the night away with André Rieu – the majestic waltz has been such an inspiration to André throughout his career that its three-four beat has become, in many ways, the rhythm of his life. And this year the maestro will bring the waltz to life in an unforgettable evening of music […]

REGAL Anniversary Edition Screenings – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Published on 11th February 2019 under Blog Topic - Screenings,
  Introducing the second in the Regal Cinema’s special Anniversary Screenings. Coming Sunday 17th and celebrating its 30th birthday. Yes dude you heard me right, 30 years old, is the truly “bodacious”, Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure. Revisit the most epic history report ever and maybe bring a new generation of smallies to this epic […]

THIS IS NICHOLAS – Living with Autism

Published on 6th February 2019 under Blog Topic - Screenings,
  ‘This Is Nicholas – Living With Autism’ documentary chronicles the personal journey of living with Autism but also depression, brought on by an early childhood trauma. BUY YOUR TICKET HERE.